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2024 Courses Scheduling

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Dear Trainers who are located in Canada/USA/Mexico + teach in English,

This week celebrates my 1 year anniversary with ICEEFT, and so — even though I fully realize we’re only 4 months into 2023, and here I am talking about 2024 — I am looking behind and ahead… and I have a plan!

It goes something like this:

Survey 1: Hand Raising for 2024

Identify which trainers want to be involved in live-online Courses in 2024. FYI, the available answers to this are:
I’m undecided | Only if you need me | Yes please | No thanks | I don’t teach in English | I no longer live in North America
I’ve also thrown in a few Qs to capture your wisdom and hone my knowledge.
I ask that EVERY North American trainer please complete this survey by mid-May.

Survey 2: “I am (not) willing to….”

For those with their hands raised (however tentatively or high), this survey will capture WHICH courses you are interested to teach in 2024 and WHICH trainers you are prepared to work alongside. As always, the “Match Me With” data is confidential (it doesn’t go beyond me).
I ask that trainers with hands raised for 2024 please complete this survey by mid-May.

Survey(s) 3: Dates!

Being mindful of the 2024 Summit (June 2-4) and the Trainer Retreat (June 5-7), these surveys will capture trainer availability based on pre-determined event dates.

  • Surveys for Jan-May availability have now closed
  • Surveys for June-onward (plus EFiT Feb & Apr) are expected to be released in July

I ask that trainers please complete these surveys within 14 days of receipt, so that the turn-around time for making offers & booking your schedules is swift.

While “Course Content” isn’t exactly what I want to call this section, I’m honestly not yet sure how to change it!

Here are your links to each survey:

Yellow Checkmarks

NEW! Changed 11/May/2023

You may notice that there is a circle next to each topic or section, above. The “Mark Complete” buttons have been removed, and now every topic will automatically gain a yellow checkmark once the page has been visited.

Future IT goal: tie the checkmark to submission of the form, not just visiting the form’s page.

Scheduling FAQ

Trying to guess your questions before you ask them…

How will I know what you’ve scheduled me for?
Once I have all the data back from the surveys and I have potential matches, I will reach out to each trainer to see if that result works for them. Once I have thumbs up from both parties, I send out a Save-The-Date and start building the graphics & event, organizing the CEs, and All That Jazz.

Are my answers forever? Can I skip 2024? What about 2025?
I plan to offer a refresh of data annually; if any information needs to be adjusted between, please reach out to me. For example, during 2023 additional trainers raised their hands to take part.

I didn’t get scheduled in 2023. Will I in 2024?
Trainers who were not scheduled in 2023 have a higher likelihood of being scheduled in 2024. Scheduling is done by combining: trainer program selection, the lottery sequence, trainer availability, match-me-with data, and (occasionally) time zone restrictions. To make that less opaque: for Jan-June 2023 scheduling I had few trainers for ATIP, so I was looping through the lottery sequence pretty quickly. Meanwhile, for Externships, I had a HUGE list of interested trainers, so by Dec I didn’t even reach the end of that lottery sequence.

Why are some trainers scheduled so much?
Option 1: If a trainer has raised their hand for every program (EFiT, EFFT, Fundamentals/ATIP & Externships), even if their availability is average, it is more likely that their face will end up on the Courses site with a higher frequency because there is a separate lottery sequence for each program.
and/or Option 2: We have had some trainer “cancellations” in 2023 (eg, Jim T retiring) and on every occasion I reached out to the next people in the lottery sequence to learn who was available to step in. People with incredible availability filled those gaps if there was no one else sooner in the lottery sequence available to take that space.

FAQ beyond scheduling
Can you remind me what I’ll get out of this?
Trainers, as independent contractors, are paid a daily rate of US$2,500 regardless of how many hours that training is, how many people are signed up, etc. All financial risk is taken on by ICEEFT Courses. All organizing & processing is done by ICEEFT Courses, including connecting the attendees of every course with their local EFT Centre/Community. By and large, you get to bring yourself and your slides/handouts and… Just Teach (of course, there is a bit more too it than that!). You also get to work with a co-trainer, building relationships across North America.

Can you remind me what Courses doesn’t do?

  • Courses doesn’t do in-person; in fact, so far this year we have directed people to in-person events, as well as provided refunds when an attendee has found an in-person alternative after signing up for online.
  • Courses doesn’t do Core Skills.
  • Courses doesn’t do LOTE (Language Other Than English). Trainers may offer any core training (including the new Fundamentals/ATIP course) online in North America in another language.
  • Courses doesn’t immediately accept international attendees. For every booking or enquiry or scholarship application we receive from an international attendee, we contact the relevant international trainer(s) to ask if there is a local option for that person.
  • Courses doesn’t organize helpers for Externships, although we have developed some early-days supports (such as an application form). We are looking ahead to help ‘more’ in this area.
  • Courses doesn’t promote single events; we promote the program as a whole. Event-specific trainer marketing is just as important, and we’ve created a Trainer Marketing Guide to support you.

The Courses program is still very much in its infancy: learning, growing, and adjusting. I would like to thank all of you who have joined me on this journey to date, and I look forward to working with many new faces in the latter part of this year.

Very best regards,
Online Events Coordinator / Project Manager

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