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We welcome therapists in all their diversity

You Are Welcome Here
Whether you are in a body that is indigenous, black, brown, latinx, asian, or white. You are welcome here.
Whether you are in a body that is gender non-binary, two-spirited, female, or male. You are welcome here.
Whether you are in a body that is asexual, pansexual, trans, queer, bi, lesbian, gay, or heterosexual. You are welcome here.
Whether you are in a body that has seen few or many years. You are welcome here.
Whatever limits your body has. You are welcome here.
Whatever context you have come from. You are welcome here.
We choose to create a safe learning space. We invite you to bring your whole self, all of your humanity, without any fear of being discriminated against. We welcome you.

The ICEEFT Diversity Scholarship

We recognize that the cost of EFT training is prohibitive for some therapists for a wide variety of reasons. Through our diversity scholarship program, we seek to reduce financial barriers, provide equal opportunity, and help address disparities in EFT and mental health communities. We are supporting and including therapists from diverse backgrounds by offering fee-reduced spaces for every live-online event listed on this site.


ICEEFT Courses is limited to providing select courses in EFT, live-online, in English, for North American mental health professionals and students, and specific PreRecorded courses for mental health professionals around the world.

If you are seeking a scholarship for EFT event beyond the scope of this website (eg, in-person, outside North America), please contact the provider of the training you’re interested in to enquire what widening opportunities they offer. You may find their contact details on (EFCT eventsEFIT eventsEFFT events, EFT workshops, or EFT Communities & Centres).

Eligibility & Award Amount

Diversity Scholarships are intended for therapists who:

  1. have financial needs such that they cannot pursue training without a scholarship;
  2. AND identify as belonging to a marginalized group OR-AND work primarily serving marginalized groups;
  3. AND are seeking to attend an EFT training offered by the ICEEFT Courses website (

The ICEEFT Diversity Scholarship provides a 50% discount off one Full Price* ticket for any event on this website. This includes our live-online courses: EFCT Externship, Fundamentals of EFT, EFIT (Essentials), EFFT (Essentials), and includes our PreRecorded trainings: EFIT (Level 2, Essentials, Consultation), EFFT (Level 2, Consultation).

*Scholarships cannot be applied to student tickets. Greater and lesser discounts may be available upon request.

Purchased courses are ineligible.

We do not offer scholarships for trainings provided by other websites; please contact the relevant organizers as they may offer their own widening program. You may find their contact details on (EFCT eventsEFIT eventsEFFT events, EFT workshops, or EFT Communities & Centres).

How to apply

To apply for our Diversity Scholarship, please complete the application form via the button (below). In order for us to properly assess your application, all required questions must be answered.

Because there are limited funds available for scholarships, we ask candidates to please reflect on whether they truly need a scholarship to proceed. We want to ensure that funds are available for those who need them most.

How & when applications are processed

We accept eligible and complete applications on a first come basis. There are a limited number of scholarships available per event; if your preferred event is full, we may suggest a subsequent event. Scholarships may be offered on a conditional basis, such as a requiring you to register for a specific event within 30 days.

Most applications are responded to approximately 3 weeks after submission; 2-4 weeks is our usual range. Sometimes the volume of applications makes this difficult. If you have not heard from us after 30 days, please contact us.

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