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Frequently Asked Questions


For participants new to EFT, we recommend Fundamentals of EFT precede any other course.

There are no prerequisites needed to attend Fundamentals, Externship, EFIT (Level 1), or EFFT (Level 1).

For EFFT (Level 2), EFFT (Level 1) must be completed first.

For EFIT (Level 2), EFIT (Level 1) must be completed first. Please note that while EFIT training offered on other sites provides a great introduction, those trainings do not replace an EFIT (Level 1).

Attendance Requirements

ICEEFT Courses provides educational events for industry professionals & students.

Fundamentals of EFT, EFT Externship, EFIT: Individual EFT, and EFFT: Family EFT share videos of real clients sessions, and accordingly require attendees to be:

  • a mental health* professional who is a member of a professional organization with standards of practice, OR,
  • a student enrolled in a course of study to become a mental health* professional.
    • *includes: psychology, couple and family therapy, psychotherapy, counselling, psychiatry, social work, MDs, et al.

Life Coaches are not eligible to attend our events.

CEs (Continuing Education credits)

Please consult our new CE information page.

Recommended & Required Reading for all Courses

Each publisher offers Courses attendees a discount of 20-25% off the following texts. Once you have registered for a course, you may access the relevant discount codes via the Courses Portal.

The following publications are recommended for all course categories: Externship, Fundamentals, EFIT, and EFFT.

Attachment Theory in Practice: Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) with Individuals, Couples, and Families” by Dr. Susan M. Johnson, 2019.

Guildford Press offers this publication in hardcover or eBook.

Becoming an Emotionally Focused Therapist: The Workbook (2nd Edition)” by James L. Furrow, Susan M. Johnson, Brent Bradley, Lorrie L. Brubacher, T. Leanne Campbell, Veronica Kallos-Lilly, Gail Palmer, Kathryn Rheem, Scott R. Woolley, 2022.

Routledge offers this publication in paperback, hardcover or eBook.

The following publication is recommended for EFIT (Level 1). For EFIT (Level 2) participants must complete the exercises in this publication before or during training.

A Primer for Emotionally Focused Individual Therapy (EFIT): Cultivating Fitness and Growth in Every Client” by Susan M. Johnson and T. Leanne Campbell, 2022.

Routledge offers this publication in paperback, hardcover or eBook.

The following publication is required reading for EFFT:

Emotionally Focused Family Therapy: Restoring Connection and Promoting Resilience” by James L. Furrow, Gail Palmer, Susan M. Johnson, George Faller, Lisa Palmer-Olsen, 2019.

Routledge offers this publication in paperback, hardcover or eBook.

Who offers EFT training?

For online events, in English, in a North American timezone, ICEEFT Courses is your provider of EFT Externship, Fundamentals of EFT, EFIT: Individual EFT, and EFFT: Family EFT.

For in-person training, other courses (such as Core Skills), trainings in various languages, or trainings outside of North America, please consult ICEEFT’s website for a list of all EFT events around the world.

Certificates & Certification

A certificate of completion is available for every ICEEFT Courses event upon conclusion of the event.

A CE (continuing education) certificate may be purchased, if desired, by one of our CE providers (please view the CE section on this page).

Certification in EFT is a process more lengthy than just one course; find out more on Road to Certification, Process to become a Certified EFT Therapist.

No Recordings

None of our courses are recorded, they are all live-online.

Prerecorded events are the exception to this rule, and are clearly identified.

Payment Options

We accept: Visa, Visa debit, Mastercard, Mastercard debit, and PayPal.

Groups of 10+ may contact us for additional options.

Vendor Information

For those employed by the U.S. Veterans Affairs or U.S. Federal Government trying to enroll in ICEEFT Courses, we are registered with as: INTERNATIONAL CENTRE FOR EXCELLENCE IN EMOTIONALLY FOCUSED THERAPY, Unique Entity ID: GEXVWTBRMSN4, CAGE/NCAGE code: L0U67

All Policies

Some of the information on this page has been copied from our Policies. We welcome you to review all our policies, including those concerning Refunds, Cancellation, Changes to Trainer(s), prior to completing your purchase.

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