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Learn EFFT: Emotionally Focused family Therapy

Why learn EFFT?

NEW: Sequence & Certification

Starting in 2024, is offering a new certification pathway in EFFT!

1. We recommend “Fundamentals of EFT” precede any other course. This is not a requirement.
2. Take 4-day “EFFT Essentials” –or– 2-day “EFFT Level 1” + 2-day “EFFT Level 2”.
Note: EFFT Level 1 is a pre-requisite for EFFT Level 2.
Note: Essentials is Levels 1 and 2 combined into a single course.
3. Take 10-hr “EFFT Consultation” (aka “Mastering Skills and Overcoming Challenges in EFFT: A Consultation Process”)
4. Complete additional steps through’s EFFT page.

A certificate of completion is available for all our courses.


Discount: Each publisher offers Courses attendees a discount of 20-25% off the following texts. Once you have registered for a course, you may access the relevant discount codes via the Courses Portal.


Emotionally Focused Family Therapy: Restoring Connection and Promoting Resilience” by James L. Furrow, Gail Palmer, Susan M. Johnson, George Faller, Lisa Palmer-Olsen, 2019.

Routledge offers this publication in paperback, hardcover or eBook.


Attachment Theory in Practice: Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) with Individuals, Couples, and Families” by Dr. Susan M. Johnson, 2019.

Guildford Press offers this publication in hardcover or eBook.


Becoming an Emotionally Focused Therapist: The Workbook (2nd Edition)” by James L. Furrow, Susan M. Johnson, Brent Bradley, Lorrie L. Brubacher, T. Leanne Campbell, Veronica Kallos-Lilly, Gail Palmer, Kathryn Rheem, Scott R. Woolley, 2022.

Routledge offers this publication in paperback, hardcover or eBook.

Ready to start learning EFFT?

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