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Scholarship Application

Before you apply

The ICEEFT Diversity Scholarship Program offers a limited number of scholarships for every course listed on Please complete one application for event(s) offered by ICEEFT Courses.


Diversity Scholarships are intended for therapists who:

  1. have financial needs such that they cannot pursue training without a scholarship;
  2. AND identify as belonging to a marginalized group OR-AND work primarily serving marginalized groups;
  3. AND are seeking to attend an EFT training offered by the ICEEFT Courses website (

The ICEEFT Diversity Scholarship provides a 50% discount off one Full Price ticket for any event on this website. This includes our live-online courses and our PreRecorded trainings.


Purchased courses are ineligible.

Greater and lesser discounts may be available upon request.

Scholarship discounts cannot be applied to student tickets.


Most applications are responded to approximately 3 weeks after submission; 2-4 weeks is our usual range.

There are a limited number of scholarships available per event; if your preferred event is full, we may suggest a subsequent event.

Before You Begin

Because there are limited funds available for scholarships, we ask candidates to please reflect on whether they truly need a scholarship to proceed. We want to ensure that funds are available for those who need them most.

Application Form

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I am applying for the following type of event:
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I am particularly interested and available to attend live-online in the following month(s), or, this specific PreRecorded event
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Professional Declaration(Required)
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[Optional] My identity includes
1. Please disclose your financial need (ie, why you cannot pursue training without a scholarship). 2. We invite you to share if you identify as belonging to a marginalized group.
My scholarship request(Required)
Note: Purchased courses are ineligible.

Seeking a discount of 51% or more? Please specify what amount or range (in USD) is accessible to you, even if nominal, so that we can meet you where you’re at. Note: a co-payment is required in most cases; 100% scholarships are rarely awarded.
Thank you for your honesty, as well as assisting us to provide more applicants with more scholarships. Please specify (in USD) the amount or range that you is accessible to you.

Please list which populations you primarily work with. If you specialize in or primarily work with marginalized groups please name which.
Do you mostly work with individuals, couples, and/or families? Are you seeking this training to move into an area new for you?

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