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By proactively managing your credit card accounts, you can work to prevent your credit cards from being declined. Here’s a quick rundown on a few things worth doing to avoid an unnecessary decline:

Stay below your credit limit. If you max out your credit card, any purchases you attempt to make with it will most likely be declined. Keep an eye on your balance and if you get close to your credit limit, make a plan to pay it off before its due date.

Sign up for account alerts. Most credit card issuers give cardholders the option to sign up for text or email alerts that notify you of any suspicious activity. You can also sign up for balance and spending notifications. If you’re the ‘out of sight, out of mind’ type, toggling these alerts on will help you better manage your accounts.

Pay your balance on time. To protect your credit score and your ability to make purchases, practice solid financial habits by always paying your balance on time and in full every month.

Notify your issuer of any travel plans. In order to avoid being stuck in a foreign country on spring break without a payment method, call your issuer and let them know where you will be traveling. This applies to domestic travel as well.

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