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Survey 1: for EVERY North American trainer

Survey 1: Hand Raising for 2024

I ask that EVERY North American trainer please complete this survey by mid-May.
As you want it to appear on the Courses site
Your preferred email for Courses corrospondence
Would you like to teach a live-online course administered by ICEEFT Course in 2024?(Required)
In Survey 2, you will be asked WHICH course(s) you’d like to teach. The live-online course options are: Fundamentals of EFT, Externship, EFiT 1, EFiT 2, EFFT 1, EFFT 2.
For your schedule, which days are best for you to teach on?
In your opinion, which days have the most demand for courses?
Have you used the Trainer's Marketing Guide?

Please include City, State/Province/Region, and what Time Zone that is (eg: Pacific, Mountain, Central, Eastern)
For example: EFT México, Toronto Centre for EFT, Kentucky EFT Community. Ie: the proper Organization name.
Which of these core course(s) have you previously taught?
If you could teach any of the listed core courses with a special focus, what would that special focus be? And which course(s) would you choose?

Above: a purple-ish Submit button. Below: a bright yellow “Mark Complete” button. What?!?!

  • The submit button submits your answers.
  • The yellow button lets your future-self know that you DID this bit. It will even show up on the main course page! 🙂

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