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The Event: via Zoom (live-online)

What time do I start?

View this event’s times by time zone on Course Basics; dates, times, and trainers. Participants will be admitted from the waiting room from approximately 10 minutes prior to the scheduled start time.

Zoom Technical Support

Matthew Settle will be your Zoom host. If you need Zoom tech support, please contact him at:
1-805-459-5429 (mobile phone)

Zoom Link

The following Zoom link is the same for all 4 days of this event

Hashtags for Live Tweeting & Reflection Posts

If you wish to share your experience of this ICEEFT Online Course, please include any of the following hashtags:

#EFTforMe #EmotionallyFocusedTherapy #iceeftCourses #iceeftScholarship #SeeChangeInEverySession

End of Day Reflection (Optional)

Eg, feedback, highlights, improvements, celebrations, etc. Please do not use this form for seeking assistance; this is a space for individual reflection on the course.

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