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Trainer’s Marketing 101

For promoting your ICEEFT-Administered Event

Trainer’s Marketing Guide

Please use the following information in conjunction with the other information provided via the Trainer’s Marketing Guide.

Event Promotion Overview

What can you do to promote your event?

  • Email.
    • Edit the footer on your emails to include the event details.
    • Do you have a mailing list, newsletter, or similar that you could share the event with?
    • Are you connected with a university, college, or similar, whose students may be interested in this event?
    • Do you receive emails from professional organizations or publications you subscribe to? Might any of them share your event with their network?
      • If they offer paid advertising opportunities, please pass along the details to Vanessa.
  • Website.
    • List the event in an appropriate spot on your website. If possible, include the image and a blurb. Once online – please check that the link is working!!
    • Do you have multiple websites you’re associated with? Can the event be temporarily listed on all of them?
    • Set yourself a reminder to take down the event after it occurs.
  • Social Media.
    • Are you on Facebook? LinkedIn? Instagram? Twitter? TikTok? SnapChat? Use the below Social Media Content Package [see “Promote Your Event”] and plan posts for every platform you’re part of.
    • Customize each post so it sounds more like you wrote it. Add your own flourishes, and speak from your heart.
    • Plan with your co-trainer to post content on alternating weeks (ie, they post week 1 and you post week 2). On your non-posting week, engage with what they posted! Share it, like it, comment on it, retweet it, repost it… Boost each other’s content!
    • If you’re on Facebook, you can also invite & share the Facebook Event Page we set up.
    • Consider live content. Perhaps you and your co-trainer can have a live-chat about the event?
    • If you like the idea of scheduling posts in advance, there are tools such as Sprout Social, Buffer, Loomly and Hootsuite which you can use to schedule your social media content onto multiple platforms well in advance, so it will post while you are busy.
    • If you have a short blog post about some aspect of what you’ll be teaching, that’s a great resource to share on LinkedIn. Also let us know about it, so we can repost it!
  • EFT Centres & Communities.
    • Contact the Organizations you are associated with and ask them to add your event to their emails, website, and socials.
    • Reach out to the other EFT Centres & Communities whose timezone aligns with this event. Ask if they will share your event via email, website, and socials.
  • More. Are you associated with a YouTube Channel? A podcast? Do you speak on the radio or TV? Do you have a column or a blog? Are you a career expert or guest speaker at educational institutions? Are you teaching or attending a lead-in event where flyers are welcome? Do you have a high traffic workspace where a poster could go up? Is there a cafe, gym, or other hub for mental health professionals where posters or flyers could be circulated? A psych department at a university, or a health-centric co-working space?

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