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Submit an Invoice to ICEEFT Courses

Please use this form to submit an invoice to ICEEFT Courses. If you were involved in multiple events, please submit one invoice per event.

Invoice to ICEEFT Courses

Updated: June, 2024
Name of Payee(Required)
If the payee is not completing this form for themselves, please name the administrator completing this form.
Specify the best contact email regarding this invoice, including receiving a copy of this submission.
Where is the payee located?
This field only accepts numbers.
We prefer to pay you via PayPal; please input your PayPal-associated email address. If PayPal is not an option for you, we require a mailing address to send a cheque. We cannot do e-transfers.
At this time, we need an address for posting a USD cheque from Canada. From June 2024, we are NOT able to pay via PayPal. We will update this field when any additional options become available.
If you are a Canadian who is registered for sales tax (eg, HST, GST, PST), please include your registration number(s) here.
Event Category
Which category of event is this invoice for?
Which type of event is this invoice for?
What date did this event occur on? If you know it, please input the event’s end date.
Event Days(Required)
Which event day(s) did you work?
What was your role at this event?
What was your role at this event?
If you have any additional details to add to your invoice, please do so here.

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