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Core & Bonus Materials

In addition to your course, we have included the following bonus materials for every attendee of an ICEEFT Courses’ “EFiT: Emotionally Focused individual Therapy (Level 1)”. These following resources are optional material available to support your learning.

Video Excerpts from Dr Sue Johnson’s 2019 Live Externship

EFiT Introduction to Assessment (and moving into Stage 1) ~28min

password: EFIT-Intro1

EFiT clips including Intro, Discussion, and Exercise ~102min

password: SueLive19
Videos about EFiT

What is the goal of EFiT? ~2min

What can EFiT do? ~1min

How does EFiT work? ~2min

What does EFiT look like? ~5min

How did EFiT come about? ~3min

What is different about EFiT? ~2min
Recent Articles on EFT

Follow these links to for the most up-to-date articles, chapters, books, and research on EFT.

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