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Core & Bonus Materials

The official Externship manual

Included in your ticket price is one licensed copy of this manual, copyright Dr Sue Johnson. You may download and/or print a copy for your personal use; please note that your trainers may be using their own slides for your event.

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In addition to your course, we are including the following bonus materials for every attendee of an ICEEFT Courses’ “Externship in Emotionally Focused Therapy®”. The following resources are optional material available to support your learning.

Video Excerpts from Dr Sue Johnson’s 2019 Live Externship

Question: working with trauma ~7min

password: EFT-GEMS1-7

All people are essentially incompatible ~2min

password: EFT-GEMS1-7

Emotional balance <1min

password: EFT-GEMS1-7

Cognitive implications of secure attachment connection ~1min

password: EFT-GEMS1-7

Deprivation and the power of attachment needs ~1min

password: EFT-GEMS1-7

The Perils of Botox ~1min

password: EFT-GEMS1-7

“Catch the Bullet” Interactions – Containing Negative Messages ~8min

password: EFT-GEMS1-7

Introduction to the Dance of Distress & Disconnection ~19min

password: EFT-GEMS-9-10!

Therapeutic Alliance ~4min

password: EFT-GEMS-9-10!

Q&A: How do you work with trauma in EFT? ~14min

password: Externship19

Introduction to “Affect Assembly” ~14min

password: SueLive2020!

“Affect Assembly” Exercise ~14min

password: Externship19

“Affect Assembly” Video Example ~19min

password: Externship19

Dr Sue Johnson conducting a live consult ~ over 1hr

password: SueLive19
Read more about EFT

Follow these links to for the most up-to-date articles, chapters, books, and research on EFT.

The following are key articles and chapters on EFT:

  • EFCT: Empiricism and Art: Basic intro to EFT Johnson, S.M. & Brubacher, L. (2016). “Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy: Empiricism and Art”. In T. Sexton & J. Lebow (Eds.), Handbook of Family Therapy, pp. 326-348. New York: Brunner/Routledge.
  • United We Stand: EFT and Trauma Greenman, P.S., & Johnson, S.M. (2012). “United we stand: Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) for Couples in the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder.” Journal of Clinical Psychology: In Session, 68(5), 561-569.
  • Process of Change in EFT Greenman, P., & Johnson, S. (2013). “Process Research on EFT for Couples: Linking Theory to Practice.” Family Process, Special Issue: Couple Therapy, 52(1), 46-61.
  • Review of EFT Research Wiebe, S.A., & Johnson, S.M. (2016). “A Review of the Research in Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples.” Family Process, 55(3), 390-407.

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