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Core & Bonus Materials

The official Externship manual

Included in your ticket price is one licensed copy of this manual, copyright Dr Sue Johnson. You may download and/or print a copy for your personal use; please note that your trainers may be using their own slides for your event.

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In addition to your course, we have included the following bonus materials for every attendee of an ICEEFT Courses’ “EFT Externship”. These following resources are optional material available to support your learning.

Video Excerpts from Dr Sue Johnson’s 2019 Live Externship

Question: working with trauma ~7min

password: EFT-GEMS1-7

All people are essentially incompatible ~2min

password: EFT-GEMS1-7

Emotional balance <1min

password: EFT-GEMS1-7

Cognitive implications of secure attachment connection ~1min

password: EFT-GEMS1-7

Deprivation and the power of attachment needs ~1min

password: EFT-GEMS1-7

The Perils of Botox ~1min

password: EFT-GEMS1-7

“Catch the Bullet” Interactions – Containing Negative Messages ~8min

password: EFT-GEMS1-7

Introduction to the Dance of Distress & Disconnection ~19min

password: EFT-GEMS-9-10!

Therapeutic Alliance ~4min

password: EFT-GEMS-9-10!

Q&A: How do you work with trauma in EFT? ~14min

password: Externship19

Introduction to “Affect Assembly” ~14min

password: SueLive2020!

“Affect Assembly” Exercise ~14min

password: Externship19

“Affect Assembly” Video Example ~19min

password: Externship19

Dr Sue Johnson conducting a live consult ~ over 1hr

password: SueLive19
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Read more about EFT

Follow these links to for the most up-to-date articles, chapters, books, and research on EFT.

The following are key articles and chapters on EFT:

  • EFCT: Empiricism and Art: Basic intro to EFT Johnson, S.M. & Brubacher, L. (2016). “Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy: Empiricism and Art”. In T. Sexton & J. Lebow (Eds.), Handbook of Family Therapy, pp. 326-348. New York: Brunner/Routledge.
  • United We Stand: EFT and Trauma Greenman, P.S., & Johnson, S.M. (2012). “United we stand: Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) for Couples in the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder.” Journal of Clinical Psychology: In Session, 68(5), 561-569.
  • Process of Change in EFT Greenman, P., & Johnson, S. (2013). “Process Research on EFT for Couples: Linking Theory to Practice.” Family Process, Special Issue: Couple Therapy, 52(1), 46-61.
  • Review of EFT Research Wiebe, S.A., & Johnson, S.M. (2016). “A Review of the Research in Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples.” Family Process, 55(3), 390-407.

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